How to use Binoculars

Usage Instructions for Binoculars

If you are a first-time user of binoculars, use the below step by step guide on how to use them. Once familiar, the steps can be performed quickly and easily each time you use the binoculars.

  1. Choose a distant, stationary target. Holding the binoculars, expand or contract the barrels to adjust the interpupillary distance till you see a single circular view

  2. . With your right eye closed and left eye open, look through the binoculars at the object and adjust the central focus till you can see the image clearly with your left eye

  3. . Now open your right eye and close the left one. Without changing the central focus, adjust only the dioptre-focus till you can see the image clearly with your right eye. Now the 2 eye pieces of the binocular are aligned for your eyes.

  4. Now open both eyes and see the image. If you move to a different object, you need to adjust only the central focus. Once the dioptre-focus is aligned for your eyes, you don't need to change it again (except if used by different persons, it may vary and need adjustment from individual to individual - this is also true for IPD adjustment)

Warning: Never view the Sun directly through any optical device* like binoculars and telescopes as it may cause permanent damage to your eyes.

*There are devices and filters specifically intended for solar viewing. Only these can be used for viewing the Sun.